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DewSkin Esthetics is a skincare studio located in Goodyear, Arizona. Created to restore your skin-confidence.

Our goal is to make the skincare world feel less overwhelming by empowering you to prioritize your skin-health and providing simple, manageable skincare treatment plans tailored to each unique individual.

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Meet Alejandra

Alejandra is from Goodyear, Arizona and lives with her husband, her son and 2 Yorkie baby girls.

She has been a licensed esthetician since 2012 and founded DewSkin Esthetics in February of 2020.

As a young and ambitious aspiring makeup artist Alejandra began her career fresh out of high school in 2011 by enrolling at The Skin & Makeup Institute of Arizona with the goal of becoming a fully accredited makeup artist. However, the institute required her to first obtain an esthetics license before pursuing any makeup courses. Although hesitant at first, this introduction to the skincare world is what sparked her never-ending passion for skincare knowledge and her understanding that for makeup to truly look beautiful and radiant, your skin must first be in a balanced healthy state. "No amount of makeup has the ability to hide unhealthy skin." This philosophy has remained with her to this day. After graduating Alejandra realized that her true calling was not in makeup, but rather in making people feel confident in their skin.

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starts with good skincare.

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your skincare journey consists of the 80/20 rule.

 20% is professional treatments, 80% is what you do at home.

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